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Inscape Magazine
2022 Edition


In All Earnest

Samantha Bard

I hope you never know this is about you

For my own sake,

For your sake I hope that you do


Know you don’t know as much as you think you do,

hair-trigger heart-break,

I hope you never know this is about you.


Let yourself breathe, be, star blue

sun-glint on the lake,

For your sake I hope that you do


Try not to get older before you have to,

Sixteen is a terrible ache,

I hope you never know this is about you.


It’s okay to let others live outside of you,

a hard habit to break,

But for your sake I hope that you do.


I regret not always saying I love you, too,

It seems I have my own habits to shake.

I want you to never know this is about you,

But for your sake, I hope that you do.


Neah Finkbone


The ones you love the most 

The ones you let in deep 

The ones who heard you cry


Are the ones who let you go 

And you realize it 

The ones who drop you 

And the fall is a little harder 

The ones who walk away 

And emptiness is left in their place 



The ones you love the most 

The ones you thought would stay 

And prove your insecurities wrong 


Are the ones you remember when your heart 

Feels a pang of past hurt 

When your mind wonders in search of love 

And their departure says you’re unable 

To return 

To the arms that used to hold you 



These loves bring more damage than the others 

The ones you didn’t pay much to 

They did nothing 

But the ones you thought were worthy 

Of your time 

Of your dreams 

Of your hour-long talks

They leave a hole


A hole that bleeds for awhile 

It looks a little bit, blinded, for something to fill 

Nothing fits, and the search may be long

Before you realize that only you can fill it 

That hole 



You must hold onto the one person

Who’s been through it all 

The fights

The tears 

The joys 

All 18 years and before 

The holder of the same dreams 

Same hurts 

Same rejections 


From before another eye set itself on me 

I’ve never left me 

Never spent a night without me 

Never left a tearful day without me 

Or chased happiness without the company 

Of dear old me. 

A Sonnet for the Times

Kena Horst

A Sonnet for the Weak of Heart

Kena Horst
a sonnet for the weak of heart - Copy.jpeg


Kamerin Hull

Amidst the chaos is a woman who stands,

storms surround her as if her home is torn by a tornado.

Swishing like rough waves against sands,

Somehow conflict only makes her grow. 

Fingers pointed at the devil and the woman,

But heaven knows that she made it through many trials with a smile.

People can easily judge looks but somewhere hidden,

Is just a person who needs love like a child.

Pieces of glass shattered around her,

Broken pieces of brick under her feet.

But somehow she still stands without being bitter,

The words she speaks are still sweet.









Is the woman whose life is a journey,

And glory can be found in the mercy of her story. 

Lioness of Her Grassland

Kamerin Hull

There is a girl who likes to bathe in sunlight,

Her deep brown eyes are revealed to have a golden amber tone.

Her hair, which was once brown, is now fiery red ready to ignite.

The freckles on her face deepen in color, especially on her nose.


She never understood her beauty,

And instead compared herself to women in the media. 

Her uniqueness is refreshing like a brew of tea,

And she continues her knowledge of the world through academia. 


The bones in her hand are small and fragile,

But her strength is like a lion. 

She is small but agile,

and her heart belongs to a holy place like Zion.


As she bathes in the sun,

She is hypnotized by the warmth it brings and loudly it can ring.

Her hair is untamed and undone,

Her heart is full of love like weeds growing in spring.


Like a lioness she is brave,

And it was God she craved because her heart could not be enslaved.

There Went My Bullet

Kamerin Hull

There went my bullet,

Leaving behind only smoke.

Central power divided us,

It ‘tis no joke


There went my bullet,

Sending a jolt through my jaw.

The others around me are in a rage,

‘Cause slavery is the law.


There went my bullet,

Who wins, only time will tell so.

Blood drips down my leg ‘cause I was hit,

Slowly oozing like poison in the laws while racism continues to grow. 


There went my last bullet,

The land is dead to the bone.

Many of my brothers have perished,

And the war has changed its tone.

Ten Thousand Leagues


My head hurts.

Filled with thoughts and woes

Over what life has brought me so

I don’t know what shot my soul 

A real sad story, made of blue...and filled in holes


I find that things bore me. My heart burns. 

A heart mourning, what a dreadful yearn.

We fight to dream, but not all find their Earth.

Riding the same street of different beginnings. 


Yet all roads lead to Rome. As the sea sits in its grinning.

Ten thousand leagues beneath the deep

Ten thousand winks, and then we sleep.

As the sea is so dreadfully deep


I pray to the Lord for my soul to keep.

Cause today I'm born and no longer weep

Always had the lock, but I found the key.

Ten thousand winks beneath the sea.

In All Earnest
A Sonnet for the Times
A Sonnet for the Weak of Heart
Lioness of Her Grassland
There Went My Bullet
Ten Thousand Leagues

Geese on the Missouri

Kena Horst
Geese on the Missouri
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