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Inscape Magazine
2023 Edition

Table of Contents

A Collection of 4 Poems by Abbi Clifton

A Message Gone Astray by Iman Ali

Abiyoyo by Marquis Whitmire

are you still watching? by Emma Kelly

Freefall by Tarryn Fredde

FACE OF THE CITY by John Anderson

Internal Dialogue by Anonymous

Love is like... by Anonymous

Magic Show at the Temple of Friendship by Samantha Bard

march 4th by Simone Collins

Snake by Emily King

Dear Boticelli by Emily King

The Human Condition by Kylie Schuster

My Heart Lies Here by Iman Ali

Chapel Thoughts by John Anderson

Thrift Store Sweater by Anonymous

For Those Considering Musical Theater Degrees by Morgan Tuttle

Inside of the Mind by Allison Hillman

Living like Ants by Marquis Whitmire

The Everglades by Hope Peck

The Old Man and the Classroom by Jackson Cooper

Hidden Blessings by Darby Slaughter

Somewhere Else by Kylie Schuster

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"Dark Spot Following You" by Bennington Avenue

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