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Inscape Magazine
2022 Edition

Table of Contents


In All Earnest by Samantha Bard

Sometimes by Neah Finkbone

A Sonnet for the Times by Kena Horst

A Sonnet for the Weak of Heart by Kena Horst

Geese on the Missouri by Kena Horst

Standing by Kamerin Hull

Lioness of Her Grassland by Kamerin Hull

There Went My Bullet by Kamerin Hull

Ten Thousand Leagues by Kahn

Fiction, Non-Fiction, & Script

Paranoia by Jackson Cooper

The Grand Inquisitor and The Sea by Devon Kole Ewing

Juanito's Story by Jaqueline Mikkelsen

Forsythia by Sarah Coupland

Letters From My Grandma's Boyfriend by Michaela Esau

The Bookstore Vampire by Anonymous

Art & Photography

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