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Table of Contents

Exclusive Early Content

Foreword by Cameron White

On Finding Myself In A Room of Small Poetry by Kaitlyn O'Neal

On Inscape: Shrek, Sleeping Beauty, and Dorian Grey by Becca Saffier

The Essence of Inscape by Brielle Buntin

Lite-Brite by Cameron White


Lookout by Audrey Mapes

A Better Place to Be by Michael West



My Woods by Katie Hays

Charcoal Rubbings by Erin Spurgeon


Remains by Ashlyn Bashore

On the Topic of My Memory-Loss by Cameron White

Self Talk by Savannah Hawley

Dermatillomania by Savanah Malam

Diner Poetry by Harper Vincent

Figurine by Anna Warner

Chain Linked Lucifer by Denver Strong

Your Colorful Words by Jazmyne Ross

My Imposter Syndrome by Denver Strong


Creation and Judgment by Jonathan Daniel

His Love Whom I Love by Jonathan Daniel

Live Performance by Jacqueline Parson

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