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Table of Contents

The Ninnescah River by Michaela Esau

Paper Crane People by Michaela Esau

Laid Plans by Michaela Esau

Pandemic by Faith Harris

Passion by Faith Harris

I Meant to Tell You by Krista Halstead

Rainbow World by Krista Halstead

Not Really a Believer by Krista Halstead

A Rose :: Waterlily :: Rosebud. by Kenton Horst

Untitled 7/26/20, 4:13AM by Kenton Horst

the art of self-isolation by Kenton Horst

Hannah at Trader Joe's by Savannah Hawley

Hands, Hips by Savannah Hawley


To the Place All Lovers Go by Jenna Hultgren

Last Time by Sequoia Crissman

Tessa by Erin Gray

Fleece by James Hobbs

Broken Toes by James Hobbs

Pliers by James Hobbs

Impulse by Isabel Warden

Just Me, Just Me by Sequoia Crissman

Another Kind of Rain by James Hobbs

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