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Table of Contents


She Who Sees With Closed Eyes and Hears With Closed Ears by Caeley Pittman

The Whale by Kaitlyn O'Neal

Just Look Again by Brielle Buntin 

Mirrors by Jessica McGowan



The Friendship Letters by Becca Saffier

Expulsion by Robert Hemphill

The Ripest of the Beans by Brian Wohlers 


Pursuit by Meghan Recker


The Smog Inside My Ears by Elise Villarreal

Dusty Reflections by Danika Bryant

Second Degree Smoke by Sydney Bass

Hands Tied by Ashlyn Bashore

A Pint in Silence by Danika Bryant

Nicaragua: Summer 2k17 by Sydney Bass

Escape the Inhospitable by Denver Strong

Jealousy by Cameron White

The Thoughts That Don't Escape Me by Savannah Hawley

The Blame Game by Danika Bryant

The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife by Anna Borgert

Invaders by Elise Villarreal 

Flashing Lights by Skylah Writer 

The Devil Drums On by Denver Strong

Rose Bouquet by Tehya Morgan

El Jarabe en Ultratumba by Elise Villarreal