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Bird Blue
Window to the Soul
color theory two spaces
snow on the hill
on behalf of nature.
“ZLAM!” #via a telepathic transmission
the lonliness.
Lady Love
dandelion (detail from a painting)
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William Jewell College's creative magazine for art and literature.

About Us:

The purpose of Inscape is to serve as a creative outlet for William Jewell College students through the production of a collaborative, professional publication that encourages and inspires creative products across all medias. Edited by a team of student editors from across campus, Inscape features fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, visual and digital art, video, and music created by Jewell students. The publication is sponsored by the WJC English and Music Departments.

Meet The Staff

Baylee Sidden
Chief Editor

Allie Hillman
Managing Editor

Gunnar Gudehus
 Creative Nonfiction Editor

Tarryn Fredde
Poetry Genre Editor

Jackson Cooper
Fiction Genre Editor

Koda Rose
 Performance and Visual Art Genre Editor

Dr. Ruth Williams
Faculty Advisor

Thank You to Our Readers

Anna Bodine
Kaleah Peterson

Samantha Bard


Email with any questions regarding Inscape.

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